Past Reiki Students

Sabrina Garrett

I had been working with different Reiki masters for several years, and each one said that my attunements were done. But I didn’t feel complete so I hunted down someone that taught the ORIGINAL teachings of the, Mikao Usui taught. After finding Master Meghan I knew why I wasn’t feeling complete! It was due to my attunements not being fully attached to me. So I redid the classes, became a master myself so that others would not have to go through what I did. Since then, I have been able to really help others heal, deal with pain, ect. I would love to walk this journey with you. 

Jane Doe

 Meghan Black is a wonderful ,knowledgeable reiki master teacher among so many other things! Learning and gaining the materials I needed to become a reiki master from her was a great experience. Her energy is strong. Her abilities are endless. To this day she still continues to help in anyway that is needed.

James Doe

I enjoy Meghan's approach to teaching reiki - she is always open to questions and the instructional materials she uses are my favorite so far. I chose Meghan to attune me because I enjoy her energy and her devotion to teaching. I feel like with reiki, your experience is "flavored" by the energy of the master that attunes you. I have always enjoyed being around Meghan and picked her for my master attunement based upon interacting with her. 

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